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The Spring Puzzle

The Spring Puzzle

Product info :


This sculpture has been hand carved by Mady for the Zei Gang Bei Festival, an International Jade Sculpture Competition in Suzhou (China), in April 2019.

Mady received a gold medal for this carving.


« Through this carving I wanted to make an interactive piece of art, capturing a brief and magical instant of a resting Dragonfly on a Physalis.

Nature always fascinated me, it is an endless source of inspiration.

I wanted to Capture this brief scene in Jade to show people to never forget to look at nature with the eyes of a child, seeing magic in every small things in life. »



Please note: 

All the pieces are holding onto each other by Earth Magnets, therefore the whole piece can be taken apart.

The price is in New Zealand Dollar and include the GST.



Materials :

The big and the small green Physalis, the Leaves, the Wings and the Dragonfly tail are made out of New Zealand Jade.

The white pieces are Siberian Jade.

The body of the Dragonfly is made out of Canadian jade.

The base is made out of Basalt.

The tendril base is made out of Stainless steel.


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