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Product information

Every piece presented on this website has been hand carved by Nick or Maddy .


All the prices presented on this website are in New Zealand Dollars.

Dimensions :

The length is taken from the top of the pendant to the bottom.

If it is an earring, the length is taken from the top to the bottom of the stone.

The width is taken at the widest part of the piece.


The role of wax:

Wax is used to show you how the stone will look when you wear it. 

As Jade is a porous stone, it will take on the natural oil of your body as you wear it and the wax will wear off.

You may notice some residue on your item when you receive it. 

This will also disappear in time as your piece is worn and takes on your own body oils.


Sustainable packaging :

Kawakawa Stone is environmentally conscientious and only uses sustainable and locally made packaging.  

The pieces are all wrapped in acid free tissue, and sent to you in a recycled stamped gift box.​


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