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Nick's sculpture made out of New Zealand Pounamu and foreign Jade

Competition and Award Winning Sculptures


This gallery presents all of Nick’s competition pieces in descending chronological order.



​Exhibited at Zei Gang Bei 2019, Suzhou, China.

Nick received an award for 'Creativity and Innovation' for this articulated piece.


Made from NZ Pounmau/Jade, Canadian Jade, and Australian Jade, including Basalt, Stainless Steel, Silver, Silk and Earth Magnet fixtures.

'Chinese Landscape'


Exhibited at Zei Gang Bei 2017, Suzhou, China.


​Made from three varieties of New Zealand Pounamu, displayed on a Serpentine and Canadian Jade base.



Exhibited at Zei Gang Bei 2017, Suzhou, China.

​Nick received a Silver Medal for this piece.


Made from Canadian Jade and Australian Jade on an Australian Argillite base.