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Product info :


This sculpture has been hand carved by Mady for the Zei Gang Bei Festival, an International Jade Sculpture Competition in Suzhou (China), in November 2017.

Mady received a gold medal for this carving.


« Through this carving I wanted to represent the magical view I have of the deep ocean world, with its intense colors, mysterious living life and its flow, following the tides, always dancing.

I wanted to show how the stone can also be glowing, dancing and living.

A terrestrial vision of an oceanic world. »



Please note: 

The cap of the jellyfish is just seating on the body. The head of the jellyfish inside has been carved in a way that allowed the cap to lock onto it, and also receive a little light ball glowing, then, from the inside, through the cap, revealing the green and purple of the cap stone .

The price is in New Zealand Dollar and include the GST.


Size of the sculpture :

25 cm high x 20cmm x 13cm


Materials :

The cap is made out of New Zealand Jade.

The jellyfish is made out of New Zealand jade for the dark stone, and British Colombian Jade for the clear green stone.

The three long tentacles are made out of aluminum.

The starfishe and the seaweed are made out of New Zealand Jade.

The base is made out of New Zealand Bowenite.


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