Product Info : 


Dimensions of the Tui : 7cm x 2.2cm .

Dimensions of the Leaves : 4cm x 3.5cm .

Dimensions together : 6.3cm x 3.5cm .


All the pieces are made out of New Zealand Jade (Pounamu)  and carved by Nick or Mady at their workshop.


They are all unique, handcarved, matte polished and waxed to give you the best aspect of the stone .


The prices are in New Zealand Dollars.


It includes a waxed and adjustable plaited cord and an eco stamped gift box.

If you want more information about one particular piece, feel free to send us your question via our Form .


This piece is part of the Nesting bird series.

Once the baby birds are born, the mother needs to leave the nest in order to gather food and come back to feed their baby. Symbol of freedom and fertility, this piece of art is a celebration to the Spring season . It gives you all the strength of the New Zealand Jade as much as its subtle delicateness, letting the light passing through.

Tui in the Bush