The Ruru

The Ruru

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Dimensions : 85 mm x 35 mm


Every piece created by Kawakawa Stone is one of a kind and hand carved at their workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. 


This piece carved by Nick Spicer Balme, is matte polished and waxed to bring out the brilliance of New Zealand Jade.


This is a one of a kind carving using elements of the Hei Tiki mixed with the native bird the ‘Ruru’ or owl.

The Ruru is the guardian and protector of the Night. It is known to be a dark omen to see one of these bids in the daytime.


The variety of pounamu used is Kokopu, one of New Zealand's most white shades of stone. In Maori, Kokopu is the name of a trout (fish) that can have similar colours in its skin, which is why the name has come across to be used to describe the shade of Pounamu that we see here. 


All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. 


Included : A waxed and adjustable plaited cord and an eco stamped gift box.


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